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The wisdom of health can be summed up in the proverb, “An ounce of prevention is worth tons of cure.” Along with freedom should be given ample information to make the right choices. What has poisoned the health industry in this country is the self interest of big business and big government whose interest is not always in the best interest of the common citizen.

It is incumbent on each individual to be instructed in common sense knowledge to protect and prevent unnecessary illnesses. The following positive information for good health will help to avoid untold suffering, anxiety and pain. Expensive and catastrophic medical treatments are treatments of specific violence on the body to reverse years of self-inflicted poisoning due to ignorance. It is more judicious to have the basic knowledge by which one does not unknowingly poison oneself and then resort to taking other poisons to be healed.

Causes of sickness

There are two aspects of maintaining health: avoid everything that may compromise health and accept those things that promote health.

The ingestion or absorption of toxic substances into the body will compromise health. Many ingredients in food, body care, and household cleaning products are toxic at higher doses. Most persons do not have knowledge of these facts. These same substances at lower doses may not be immediately toxic, yet there is a gradual cumulative effect that has long term consequences for health.

Increase of toxins in the body compromises the immune system, leaves deposits that accumulate, causes swelling and blockages of blood flow and ultimately causes the depletion of oxygen to vital parts of the body.

One may go without food for four to five weeks and water for perhaps seven days without dying. But, if one is deprived of oxygen for even a few minutes it can cause instant death. Oxygen is the most important “food” of the body. The circulation of oxygen throughout the body maintains life and health. The lack of oxygen to any part of the body will cause sickness and eventually death. Lack of oxygen to the brain will cause a stroke. A heart attack is caused by lack of oxygen to the heart. Cancer grows and thrives in that part of the body where the flow of oxygen is hindered.

A parish priest named Sebastian Kneipp explained in simple language the three curative properties of water: dissolving, evacuating (washing off) and strengthening. He evolved the water-cure for which he claimed that the various applications of water tend to remove the root causes of disease (poor circulation of oxygen). Water enables the following:

  • To dissolve the morbid matters in the blood
  • To evacuate what is dissolved
  • To make the cleansed blood circulate rightly again
  • Finally, to harden the enfeebled organism, so as to strengthen it for new activity.

Using the ideas of Father Kniepp, I have evolved a simple healing protocol that can be followed at home. There are four important steps to healing. First, one can stimulate the body to improve blood flow and oxygen; second, one eliminates toxins from the body; third, one nourishes the body with high quality food and drinks; fourth, one exercises the body regularly and practices deep relaxation and calm. Medicinal bathing techniques by which water is used at different temperatures supports the four steps to self healing.

To encourage good health we need to understand what causes sickness. There are three main causes of sickness; excess of eating or any other bad habit, lack of cleanliness and accumulation of toxins, and anxiety.

The following simple protocol is helpful for preventing and helping to support all attempts at healing sickness.


Detoxifying foods when eaten regularly build up the quality of blood and cleanse the system of morbid matter: all green leafy vegetables like mustards, collards, cilantro, etc., artichokes, asparagus, beets, cabbage, carrots, celery, turnips, ginger, turmeric, spinach, nuts and seeds like chia seeds and flax seeds, dandelion and nettles.

The following are a list of powerful natural foods that help the body maintain its immune system and build strength:

  • goji berries
  • probiotic bacteria
  • fresh sprouts (five day growth)
  • milk and yogurt from cows that have been cared for with love, and protected from slaughter
  • organic seaweeds
  • bee pollen
  • raw honey
  • wheat grass juice
  • fresh lemon juice without sugar
  • unrefined sea salt
  • raw sauerkraut

The following simple dietary rules will help one. Please follow the following three suggestions:

  • 50/50 principle – every meal should be 50% raw and 50% cooked food.
  • Don’t snack between meals and give yourself at least four hours to digest food
  • Don’t mix proteins, carbohydrates and sugars at the same time.

An example of a carbohydrate meal is:

Organic brown rice (millet or quinoa), cooked vegetables, large salad ( this does not mean iceberg lettuce; it means baby spinach, cucumbers, grated daikon radish, grated carrots, grated cabbage, tomatoes, celery, parsley or cilantro, fresh lemon, olive oil, sea salt and sea veggies, asafoetida), baked potato or sweet potato/yam.

An example of a protein meal is:

Lentil soup or bean soup, cooked vegetables, large salad as above, yogurt or tofu.

Avoid cold cereals for breakfast. Try to have a fruit and fruit juice breakfast and if you need more food eat oatmeal cooked in water, then add some fruits and nuts and honey or molasses.


Food product that Americans consume everyday that are slowly killing them.

  • Table salt
  • white sugar
  • supermarket oils (all processed hydrogenated oil)
  • coffee and tea
  • all meat, fish, poultry, eggs
  • processed white flour products
  • canned foods
  • TV dinners

Highly processed supermarket oils are the cause of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and circulation problems. Common table salt that has all the trace minerals removed is an outright poison (four tablespoons consumed at once will result in stupefaction and perhaps death). White sugar consumption causes bone loss, high blood pressure and diabetes. Beware of the food you eat.


The best form of relaxation beside meditation and yoga practice is relaxing tub baths.

Soaking in the bath with appropriate essential oils (Uncle Harry’s Relaxing Bath salts and Relaxing/serenity synergy blend) followed by a soothing aromatherapy wrap (Uncle Harry’s Relaxing/serenity synergy blend) prepares one for a deep sleep. The mind and the senses become quieted by the therapeutic action of the water and oils.


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