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There are some real benefits to doing the Raw Food Diet.  After all, it can increase the amount of energy you have, have you lose weight, put you in a better mood, provide you with a high quality of life and give you additional energy. Don’t think so? Here’s a look at the seven benefits of following the raw food diet.


7 Benefits To Following The Raw Food Diet


1 – Additional Energy


Believe it or not, the raw food diet can help you have more energy and make you feel younger. Raw food is loaded with minerals, nutrients, enzymes and simple sugars, which is found in easily digestible form.  Because you don’t need as much energy for digestion, you’ll have additional energy for your other tasks – playing, exercising, working – whatever you want to do.


2 – Quicker, Easier Digestion


Raw foods have living enzymes that assist your body in the digestion process, which makes it work easily and rapidly. Any food cooked at 118 degree or higher will destroy these enzymes. When you consume a large cooked meal, you need lots of energy to digest it. That’s why you feel so tired after you have that big Thanksgiving meal (or any big meal that’s been cooked). However, with raw food, digesting food and getting rid of it is quick and painless.


3 – Plenty Of Fiber Naturally Detoxifies Your Body


When you consume raw food, you’re consuming lots of fiber, which allows your body to eliminate the waste, toxins and mucus. Clean food like fresh vegetables and fruits allow your body to place its focus on detoxifying instead of digesting of unhealthy, processed and packaged foods. Fiber assists you in getting rid of the toxins, which is necessary to good health.


4 – Quick Weight Loss


When you follow the raw food diet, it’s possible that you’ll lose weight. Why is that? It’s because the food you consume is pure. Thus, there are no harmful additives or empty calories. Raw foods will give you the most nutrition possible with fewer calories being consumed. After all, fruits and vegetables are low in fat.


5 – Nutritional Value Is Higher In Raw Foods


Remember that any food that’s cooked at or above 118 degrees is going to lose the much needed vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes. Thus, you want to go as natural as possible…whenever possible.


6 – Reduced Need For Sleep


One of the other big benefits of the raw food diet is that you won’t need to get as much sleep because you’ll feel more rested. Cooked foods demand energy for your body to digest them and this can really tax your body.  For that reason, your body will need additional sleep and rest.


7 – Anti-Aging Properties


Raw food has many antioxidants that have a significant role in the aging process. They can decrease the signs of aging and slowdown the free radical damage that causes oxidation. Free radicals are produced because it’s a side effect of the body’s metabolism. They can also be produced from environmental poisons, pollutants and drugs. However, with the raw foods diet, the micronutrients and nutrients seen in vegetables and fruits can lessen the amount of free radicals and keep the signs of aging at bay.


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